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Powerful Tool To Make Leads and Case Assignment Easier Than Ever

Easy Installation | Customizable Intuitive UI | Real Time Lead and Case Assignment

Round Robin Distributor (RRD)

Lead & Case Assignment made Easy. RRD is a powerful yet easily configurable rules based application on Salesforce appexhange that ensures your Leads, cases are distributed to team members in an intelligent and timely manner

RRD assigns leads/cases to live agents in real time based on a configurable business logic. Great app for distributing inbound leads & cases from chat, web and phone. Easy to configure & use. Intelligent Alerts and Dashboards for tracking and reporting.

RRD is a native Salesforce application that can be downloaded directly from Salesforce AppExchange like other Salesforce Apps.

  • Easy to Install, Customize & Intuitive UI
  • Real-Time automatic Lead and Case assignment to active users.
  • Configurable Alerts and smart Dashboards

With RRD you can now focus on other important aspects of business, while RRD manages your complex Queues & Resources.

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Powerful solution to manage your leads and case assignment

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