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NetSuite for Nonprofit

360-degree view of every aspect of a nonprofit’s mission.

NetSuite for Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations face challenges and obstacles while helping out the local communities or if they want to expand their international outreach. With limited budget, lack of resources, and high competition for fundraising it is challenging for nonprofit organizations to meet their goals. Hundreds of nonprofit organizations still rely on manual processes to assemble information from different sources. This manual process of achieving information is complex and inefficient which turns a negative impact on their productivity and goals.

NetSuite for Nonprofit organizations

With NetSuite business management system, nonprofit organizations can manage their end-to-end operation and reduce their business cost. It is a cloud-based application that enables you to have accurate and updated information so that you can get a better control on managing programs, budgets, and processes.

Successful nonprofit organizations understand the impact of the NetSuite business management system for managing costs, growing their resources, and making a social impact. These days, nonprofit organizations are looking for cloud based applications which can increase fundraising effectiveness, and achieve a 360-degree view of their business needs.

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Who chooses Mirketa?

  • We are a trusted Digital Transformation partner for building and managing cloud solutions with over a million hours of experience. We help nonprofit organizations to streamline and manage end-to-end operations which can reduce manual processes and get better constituent insights.
  • We have a team of experts who can help you to gain a 360 degree view of your organization’s resources, grants, volunteers, and donations with in-built business intelligence.


NetSuite for Nonprofit can:

  • 360-degree view of donors and volunteers to improve the effectiveness of fundraising.
  • Ensure financial stability and enables to make a right decision.
  • Manage entire revenue lifecycle and grow the support needed for long-term success.
  • Build a long-term relationship with volunteer, donor, and clients.
  • Accelerate the social impact to achieve the missions.

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