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We create DevOps solutions to enable CI/CD, environment automation, continuous testing and on demand releases.

We understand DevOps principles, tools and processes at their core. Therefore, we are the DevOps partner for your CI/CD, test automation, environment automation and on demand eleases.

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DevOps solution design and tools selection

As a part of our DevOps strategy and tool selection services we work with your team to learn the current state of DevOps tools, DevOps practices and DevOps knowledge and layout end to end product releases process to provide the following:

  • Salesforce DevOps vision: Lay out the future state in terms of CI/CD tools and processes for Code management and the environment management for Development, QA, UAT and Hotfix Sandboxes and Production.
  • Release management workflows: Create end to end software release process for features that are being planned and built for multiple release.
  • Tool selection: for CI, CD solution – Jenkins, Kubernetes, JIRA, Confluence, Puppet,
  • Code and environment management Practices: to set software development process for multiple development teams

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DevOps solution build and rollout

As a part of the DevOps solution build and deployment services we provide the following:

  • Development of CI/CD job using jenkins, kubernetes, chef, docker or other tools

  • Training product owners, developers and release engineers on CI/CD jobs

  • Integrate with GIT, JIRA, Microsoft TFS, rallydev, bitbucket etc.

  • Set up end to end development process with buy-in from product managers, developers, release engineers, dev manager etc.

  • Getting consensus across all development teams and business teams on the to-be processes and tools

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Branching strategy

As a part of the branching strategy services we develop branching solution that would work the best for your needs. We create branching automation for short lived and long branches that gets created and destroyed automatically.

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On demand environment creation

We automate the process of environment creation using amazon, azure and virtual Machines. The entire environment gets created and destroyed to support parallel development and testing.

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Release management and environment management

Under release management and environment management services we provide release engineers that support release deployments and manage different environments to ensure that all key environments are in sync with each other.

Success Stories

Jenkins based CI/CD Rollout

The client is an American energy company that designs and manufactures crystalline silicon

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Chargebee Case Study

Chargebee Case Study

Client is the leading subscription billing software powering end-to-end recurring billing, subscription management & auto invoicing.

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