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Build. Cloud Infrastructure.

Helping clients with DevOps and manage Azure, Amazon and Private Clouds.

Cloud in a box

Everything you need to operate your business from Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Private Clouds.

Cloud in the box offering

A holistic approach to your infrastructure needs by combining services from the following disciplines to give you a seamless experience:
DevOps: Your infrastructure is automated and built out right the first time
SRE: Your infrastructure is configured for fault tolerance, resilience, monitored 24×7 and sends out alerts on critical failures
DevSecOps: Your infrastructure is built to comply with security posture

Salesforce DevOps

CI/CD for cloud

Releasing features first to the market without sacrificing quality differentiates a company from its competitors. Mirketa will help you define CI pipelines to provide quick feedback to your developers to write better code by implementing industry
leading open-source CI tools.

  • Build CI/CD pipeline: Our CI/CD pipelines integrate code quality, and test coverage tools to ensure quality is maintained as the teams move faster and implement change management integrations to provide compliance. Our expertise includes Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, and other open-source tools.
  • Branching strategies: Branching strategies are impacted by team structure, release processes, and even team skills and willingness to change. We recommend branching model blueprints that best fit your needs for efficient code management to increase developer productivity and reduce build and deploy time.
  • GIT migration: Our GIT migration services include taking your source code for legacy SCM tools like SVN and Perforce to GIT
  • CI/CD training: We provide classroom training on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment concepts and tools with hands-on exercises.

With Mirketa’s CI/CD methodology, you will see a significant reduction in cost per story point as the holding cost will drastically reduce without losing quality and sacrificing compliance.

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Infrastructure modernization

Legacy infrastructure not just hampers businesses from lost productivity but also impacts growth potential. We at Mirketa take a cloud native approach and build infrastructure via open source DevOps automation tools to provide an error free and repeatable process.

We have expertise in docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, serverless architecture.

Infrastructure Modernization Include:

  • – Assess current state and needs for Cloud Infrastructure
  • – Select the platform and architect to-be state
  • – Migrate from one platform to another
  • – Upgrade monitoring/ security tools

Whether it is an application migration journey from on-prem data centers to cloud or a brand new infrastructure built in the cloud, you can entrust Mirketa to have a smooth journey.

Infrastructure Modernization


Alerting and monitoring

We use industry battle tested open source or licensed alerting and monitoring software to give you a 24×7 peace of mind. We analyze several metrics to spot trends and proactively alert before the occurrence of a catastrophic failure. We also monitor and alert for efficient resource utilization and cost optimization. We adhere to the Google’s SRE principles and help you identify SLI, SLO and SLAs for your critical workloads.

DevOps for salesforce

24 by 7 monitoring

We create usage metrics that are used for identifying incidents before they happen. We also monitor resource utilization and recommend corrective actions to meet demands and reduce costs.

Salesforce DevOps

Open source

We leverage open source and/or licensed alerting and monitoring tools

Salesforce Devops


We provide executive dashboard for easy consumption of information for client management team.

Cloud security governance and compliance

At Mirketa security is not an afterthought but we implement security at every step of the SDLC and bake it in from the foundation of your application.

Governance and enforcement: We implement tools and controls to generate a security score and highlight weak links in your infrastructure and help you shift left and prevent vulnerabilities or discover them sooner in the SDLC

Framework compliance setup: We help you define your security and data compliance posture using widely adopted cybersecurity frameworks like NIST, CIS, PCI, HIPAA etc.

Success Stories

Jenkins based CI/CD Rollout

The client is an American energy company that designs and manufactures crystalline silicon

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Chargebee Case Study

Chargebee Case Study

Client is the leading subscription billing software powering end-to-end recurring billing, subscription management & auto invoicing.

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