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About NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a business management solution that helps organizations to operate their business in a more effective way and provides real-time information on their operational and financial performance. NetSuite ERP is the #1 ERP system to run the business more effectively and cost-effectively. It is an integrated suite of applications for financial management, inventory management, accounting, and customer relationship management. NetSuite provides a complete 360-degree view of business data and helps organizations to make smarter decisions about their businesses.

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  • Mirketa Inc is a trusted digital transformation partner for building and managing cloud solutions with over a million hours of experience. Our Implementation and Integration services enable our clients with on-time and on-budget delivery with good user adoption.
  • We provide comprised team of technical experts and management consultants that presents expertise around NetSuite ERP evaluations and implementations for businesses that are looking to leverage cloud-based ERP to grow their businesses. As a NetSuite partner, we can make a transformational impact on your business needs, however, it is important for anyone to choose the right partner who can truly align your needs, goals, and culture.

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NetSuite ERP

NetSuite implementation and management.

Expert Team

Dedicated and expert team delivering solutions to your business problems. Our experts will provide a seamless interaction through each step of implementation.

Configuration Feature

Provide configuration of the out of the box community features and role mapping.

Customer Benefits

Fast Delivery

Deliver the results in less time that means reduced cost. We believe in fast delivery but without compromising quality.

24*7 Support

Provide 24*7 ongoing support so that you will get confident through each step of project life cycle.

Success Stories

Predicting Customer Churn for a SaaS company

Mirketa built Salesforce Einstein Prediction model for predicting

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