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Augment your ServiceNow experience with Mirketa – Unleashing the Power of Seamless Service Transformation

At Mirketa, we take pride in our proficiency as a premier ServiceNow consulting partner, offering comprehensive implementation and support services. With a focus on enterprise harmonization, our seasoned team of multi-disciplinary specialists and strategists is geared to optimize every stage of your ServiceNow journey. From strategic portfolio management to workplace service delivery, Mirketa is your trusted ally in achieving ServiceNow excellence.

Our ServiceNow consulting services include

  • We leverage our expertise in optimizing core IT processes, ensuring your organization’s seamless operation and enhanced efficiency.
  • Mirketa aligns your business objectives with strategic portfolio management, optimizing resources and driving value across your organization.
  • We ensure effective control and management of your IT assets with our comprehensive IT Asset Management solutions.
  • We streamline your IT operations, including Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Common Services Data Model (CSDM), for a cohesive and efficient IT environment.
  • Benefit from Mirketa’s ServiceNow expertise through a range of managed services tailored to meet your specific needs. From program governance to ongoing production support, Mirketa ensures a smooth-running ServiceNow ecosystem for your business.
  • Explore innovative solutions with our custom application development services, encompassing UI design, low-code strategies, and agile development.
  • We help enhance HR service delivery, legal service delivery, and workplace service delivery for a seamless employee experience.
  • Optimize customer service management with Mirketa’s tailored solutions, including case and knowledge management portals and industry-focused portals.

Experience with ServiceNow Solutions

Mirketa stands as a distinguished partner expertise in customizing ServiceNow solutions to align seamlessly with our customers’ organizational needs. Our hands-on experience encompasses various ServiceNow features, ensuring efficient and optimized processes.

  • ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM)

Mirketa excels in implementing and optimizing ServiceNow’s IT Service Management, offering a centralized platform to enhance service delivery and streamline IT processes. From incident management to service request fulfilment, our solutions align with your organizational goals.

  • ServiceNow Custom Applications

Leveraging ServiceNow’s robust capabilities, we assist in designing and developing custom applications tailored to your specific business requirements. Our proficiency extends to agile development, UI design, and low-code strategies to bring innovative solutions to your organization.

  • ServiceNow Integration Services

Mirketa specializes in seamless integration of ServiceNow with diverse third-party systems, ensuring a unified and cohesive IT environment. Our integration services contribute to enhanced operational efficiency and data flow across your organization.

  • ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Utilizing ServiceNow’s powerful analytics tools, we facilitate the implementation of Performance Analytics for data-driven insights. Our solutions empower your organization to make informed decisions and continuously improve service delivery.

Why choose Mirketa for ServiceNow Implementation, Integration, and Support?

Selecting a partner for ServiceNow implementation and support is a critical decision that profoundly influences the success of your organization’s digital evolution. we offer compelling benefits to make us your trusted ServiceNow consulting partner.

  • IT Service Management Excellence:

Mirketa brings extensive expertise in IT Service Management, optimizing processes from incident management to service request fulfilment. Our focus on the distributed team model allows educational institutions to allocate resources efficiently for improved learning experiences.

  • Deep ServiceNow Proficiency:

We showcase expertise in the ServiceNow ecosystem, through our deep understanding of various ServiceNow products and AppExchange offerings. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to deliver tailored solutions that align seamlessly with ServiceNow capabilities, ensuring an efficient and effective digital transformation.

  • Certified ServiceNow Professionals:

We take pride in being a reputable ServiceNow consulting partner, employing certified professionals with specialized knowledge in ServiceNow and related technologies. Our certifications guarantee the competence needed for effective implementation and development.

  • Impact-Driven Solutions:

Mirketa’s approach is centred around empowering organizations to drive positive change through ServiceNow. With a clear focus on all of the platform’s capabilities, we craft solutions that not only streamline processes but also contribute significantly to enhancing operational efficiency, user experience, and overall organizational effectiveness.

  • Collaborative Partnership:

Experience a collaborative partnership where your objectives seamlessly merge with ours. Together, we navigate the intricacies of digital transformation, fostering a relationship built on shared goals and mutual success.

  • Agile Deployment Methodology:

Leveraging our experience with ServiceNow, Mirketa expedites the implementation process through an Agile Development methodology. Our proficiency in development best practices ensures efficient workflows, saving time, and facilitating a smooth deployment.

  • Minimized Disruptions:

Recognizing the importance of minimizing disruptions, Mirketa ensures that day-to-day operations remain smooth during the implementation process. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate ServiceNow solutions into your existing workflows without causing disruptions.

  • 60 days Warranty for all work:

Mirketa stands behind its work, offering a 60-day warranty for all ServiceNow implementations. This commitment underscores our confidence in the quality and reliability of our solutions.

  • Captive Team for Ongoing Support:

Mirketa establishes enduring relationships with clients, providing ongoing support post-implementation. Our dedicated team addresses issues, implements enhancements, and facilitates user training to ensure continuous value extraction from ServiceNow.

Choosing Mirketa as your ServiceNow partner guarantees that your organization maximizes the benefits of ServiceNow solutions, fostering operational efficiency, enhancing engagement, and ultimately elevating the overall user experience. Reach out to us today to initiate your ServiceNow transformation

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