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Transforming Manufacturing Excellence
with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

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Achieve Manufacturing Excellence: Mirketa’s Precision in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Unlocks Seamless Operations and Innovation.

In the realm of manufacturing prowess, Mirketa stands as a beacon of innovation and purpose. As a distinguished Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud development partner, we bring a decade of expertise to the forefront, orchestrating solutions that redefine the landscape of your manufacturing operations. Our certified consultants bring not only profound knowledge but hands-on experience, ensuring a seamless deployment that aligns with your business strategies. From streamlining sales processes to automating marketing activities and integrating MRP and ERP solutions, Mirketa is your strategic ally on the path to manufacturing excellence in the digital age.

Our Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud services include

  • As part of the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Implementation, our consultants craft a comprehensive blueprint of the solution. Mapping your manufacturing entities and processes onto Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, we highlight roles for each system, specify the need for custom development, and seamlessly integrate solutions for a robust manufacturing architecture.
  • We align Manufacturing Cloud to your specific needs, ensuring optimal utilization for functions such as order management, production tracking, and partner engagement. Explore our Manufacturing Services to discover the various manufacturing processes we enhance and automate.
  • Migrate data seamlessly with Mirketa as your Manufacturing Cloud consulting partner. We assist in migrating existing manufacturing data, ensuring a smooth transition and data accuracy. Move critical information, from production schedules to inventory details, into the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with confidence.
  • Unlock the full potential of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with our development services. Our team builds custom add-ons and integrates with core systems, ensuring a cohesive manufacturing ecosystem. From custom workflows to seamless integration with ERP systems, we specialize in transforming manufacturing processes.
  • Mirketa’s certified developers ensure a smooth data flow between Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and platforms such as ERP systems, CTI systems, accounting software, event management systems, and calendar systems.
  • In cases where off-the-shelf solutions fall short, we create custom applications within Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. We help clients address specific needs, such as production management, inventory tracking, or quality control, with solutions like custom dashboards, workflow optimizations, and more.
  • Your organization can optimize its sales processes within Manufacturing Cloud using Sales Cloud for Manufacturing. Mirketa facilitates lead management, streamline quoting and order processes, and empowers your sales team with a 360-degree view of customer engagements.
  • Get ready to deliver exceptional customer service with Service Cloud for Manufacturing. Maximize asset lifetime value, manage warranty processes, and cultivate deeper customer loyalty with an end-to-end service management approach
  • We automate and enhance your manufacturing processes across the entire business with the Process Automation Tools offered by Manufacturing Cloud. We utilize Flow Builder and the suite of tools included in Flow for Manufacturing, streamlining digital experiences, and ensuring operational efficiency across your manufacturing ecosystem.
  • Mirketa’s commitment extends beyond implementation. Our development services include ongoing support, maintenance, and continuous improvement. Engage our captive team and dedicated resources to address evolving manufacturing needs, make enhancements, and ensure your Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud solution evolves seamlessly with your organization. Checkout our Salesforce Support services packages.

Why Choose Mirketa for Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Implementation, Integration, and Support?

Selecting a partner for Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud development and implementation is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the success of your manufacturing processes. Here are the top five reasons for choosing Mirketa as your trusted Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud consulting partner:

  • Expertise in the Manufacturing Sector:

Understanding Manufacturing Dynamics: Mirketa stands out as a specialized Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud consulting partner with an in-depth understanding of the intricate challenges, goals, and workflows within the manufacturing sector. We comprehend the specific needs of manufacturers, such as production tracking, order management, and streamlined partner engagement.
Experience with Manufacturing Cloud Solutions: Mirketa is a seasoned consulting partner with hands-on experience in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and related tools. This expertise enables us to tailor solutions that align seamlessly with the unique requirements of manufacturing operations.

  • Deep Experience with Salesforce Product Offerings:

Mirketa boasts extensive experience in various Salesforce products and AppExchange tools that complement Manufacturing Cloud. Explore our Salesforce Consulting to delve into our comprehensive knowledge and successful implementations.

  • Certified Salesforce Professionals:

As a reputable Salesforce Consulting Partner, Mirketa employs certified Salesforce professionals with expertise in both Manufacturing Cloud and the broader Salesforce platform. Certification guarantees that our team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to implement and develop effective manufacturing solutions.

  • Tailored Solutions and Customization:

Custom Development Capabilities: Recognizing that manufacturing organizations have unique requirements, Mirketa employs custom development capabilities to tailor Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud solutions to your specific needs. We provide a customized manufacturing solution that aligns seamlessly with your brand and operational objectives.

  • Scalability and Flexibility:

Mirketa designs Manufacturing Cloud solutions with scalability and flexibility in mind. As your manufacturing processes evolve, our solutions adapt to accommodate changes and expansions in your operations.

  • Agile Deployment:

Drawing on our experience with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, Mirketa expedites the implementation process through Agile Development methodologies. Our knowledge of development best practices and efficient workflows ensures a swift and smooth deployment, enabling your manufacturing business to reap the benefits of the platform sooner. Check out more information on our Agile Development methodology for Salesforce Development.

  • Minimized Disruptions:

Mirketa prioritizes minimizing disruptions during the implementation process. We work diligently to ensure day-to-day manufacturing operations continue smoothly, facilitating a seamless experience.

  • Post-Implementation Support and Maintenance:

Warranty for All Work: Mirketa stands by its work and provides a 60-day warranty for all services at no additional cost. This commitment ensures that any issues arising post-implementation are promptly addressed, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our solutions.

  • Ongoing Support:

Committed to establishing long-term relationships, Mirketa offers post-implementation support to address issues, make enhancements, and assist with user training. This ensures your manufacturing business continues to extract maximum value from Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, evolving alongside your operational needs.

Choosing Mirketa as your Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud partner can ensure that your manufacturing business maximizes the benefits of this robust platform, optimizing operations, enhancing collaboration, and ultimately driving success in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

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