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Unleashing the Power of
Einstein AI in Salesforce

Implementing Einstein AI in Salesforce CRM Platforms |
AI-Powered CRM Platform and Integration

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Data for Competitive Edge

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence, Salesforce stands as a pioneer, consistently pushing boundaries to enhance user experiences. At the forefront of their innovation is Einstein AI, an advanced artificial intelligence solution seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce platform. Einstein AI not only transforms data into actionable insights but also empowers users to create customizable, predictive, and generative AI experiences that cater to diverse business needs. We have seamlessly collaborated with numerous organizations across diverse sectors, curating innovative Einstein AI solutions.

As your dedicated partner, Mirketa is geared to unlock the transformative power of Salesforce Einstein AI, ensuring your CRM applications across all industries are seamless and impactful. Let’s delve into the key features that make Einstein AI a game-changer across various aspects of business operations.

Einstein AI in Salesforce

Our Salesforce Einstein AI Cloud Implementation services include

  • Einstein Copilot is a Generative-AI powered Assistant that Mirketa can seamlessly integrate into Salesforce CRM platforms, providing a conversational AI assistant for both internal users and customers. Einstein Copilot is designed to be customizable, offering multi-step action plans through suggestions, enhancing user experience and productivity.
  • Mirketa facilitates the integration of Einstein Copilot Studio, offering a suite of tools for building and deploying AI-powered applications: Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder. These tools empower administrators to control and customize generative AI functionality. They enhance customization, allowing organizations to integrate their preferred predictive and generative partner AI models seamlessly.
  • With Prompt Builder, a feature of Einstein Copilot Studio, Mirketa allows users to design and implement prompts for generating personalized content, such as emails, social media posts, or website pages. Prompt Builder uses templates for specific situations, improving customer engagement and sales.
  • With Skills Builder, which is a low-code tool for creating custom AI-driven actions, ensuring the right people have access to specific generative AI prompts. It uses a drag-and-drop interface to connect data sources, pre-built AI models, and custom code for various tasks like lead generation, customer service automation, and more.
  • Model Builder can integrate Salesforce platform with the external AI models, enhancing AI predictions and content generation while maintaining data privacy. Using the Bring Your Own Model (BYOM) approach, it simplifies AI integration and model training across different departments.
  • Mirketa emphasizes ethical, secure, and unbiased AI with the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, focusing on data privacy and security. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer addresses data privacy concerns, preventing large-language models from retaining sensitive customer data. Einstein GPT Trust layer emphasizes trust and privacy with features like Secure Data Retrieval and Data Masking by dynamically grounding generative AI prompts and protecting proprietary and customer data from large language models.
  • Mirketa is set to transform the sales process using Salesforce Einstein, leveraging its advanced predictive and generative AI capabilities. Sellers can leverage real-time predictions to guide them in closing deals, automate sales processes, and strengthen customer relationships. From generating email drafts enriched with customer data to providing concise summaries of sales calls, Sales AI streamlines workflows and enhances the overall sales strategy. Designed for sales teams, Sales Cloud Einstein offers features like Lead Scoring, Opportunity Scoring, Einstein Activity Capture, and Einstein Forecasting
  • Mirketa empowers Customer Service agents to leverage Einstein AI assistance for offering personalized and efficient experiences. Agents will receive automatic summarization of case resolutions and the creation of a knowledge base, ensuring scalability in service operations. Einstein for Service also improves field service operations with features like Service Replies, Work Summaries, and Knowledge Articles, providing personalized and real-time responses.
  • Leveraging Marketing AI, Mirketa enhances personalization and boosts productivity on a large scale by seamlessly integrating Einstein AI directly into your marketing platform. Marketers can utilize insights to boost engagement, construct highly personalized customer journeys, and automate customized outreach. With Marketing AI, customer interactions become more meaningful and tailored to individual preferences. Einstein for Marketing augments campaign conception, audience discovery, and content creation, offering features like Segment Creation, Email Content Creation, and Segment Intelligence.
  • Einstein AI is transforming ecommerce by personalizing every buyer and merchant experience. From automatically generating product descriptions to recommending relevant products, it creates seamless buying experiences. Businesses can innovate faster, increase conversions, and deliver an unparalleled ecommerce journey for their customers. Commerce Cloud Einstein provides personalized commerce experiences throughout the buyer’s journey with features like Goals-Based Commerce, Dynamic Product Descriptions, and Commerce Concierge.

Experience with Einstein AI Cloud Solutions:

Mirketa is a seasoned Salesforce Consulting Partner with deep knowledge on Einstein AI Cloud solving business-specific problems with the following features. This expertise allows us to tailor solutions that align with the organization’s mission and objectives.

  • With Sales AI, Sales representatives can do Personalized Sales Outreach by enabling the auto-generation of personalized emails for customers. Einstein’s predictive capabilities analyze customer data and communication history ensuring sales interactions are tailored to the unique needs of each customer.
  • Service AI promotes Efficient Customer Service by automating agent interactions and case resolutions. Customer service agents can benefit from the auto-generation of personalized chat replies and case summaries, based on real-time data, enhancing customer service interactions and satisfaction.
  • Marketing AI enables Automated Marketing Campaigns to deliver highly personalized content across various channels. Marketers can automate the generation of personalized content tailored to individual customer preferences allowing more targeted and engaging marketing campaigns, resulting in increased customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • We can enable businesses to create AI-Driven Processes to generate leads, qualify prospects, and predict customer churn, streamlining their sales process.
  • Commerce AI facilitates Dynamic Product Descriptions to help merchandisers and businesses to generate personalized and compelling content for their online storefronts. This optimises their product display strategies and build a more customer-centric shopping experience.
  • Developers can leverage Einstein AI to Enhance Coding Efficiency, reduce errors, and deliver more reliable software applications. They can automate the process of code generation, predict potential bugs in the code, and receive suggestions for fixes. This accelerates the development of a lifecycle and ensures the production of high-quality code.
  • The Einstein GPT Trust Layer ensures Data Privacy & Security, allowing organizations to benefit from generative AI without compromising sensitive customer information.

Why use Mirketa for Salesforce Einstein AI Cloud Implementation, Integration, and Support?

Choosing a consulting partner for Salesforce Einstein AI Cloud development and implementation is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the success of your organization’s digital transformation. Here are the top five reasons for choosing Mirketa as your Salesforce Einstein AI consulting partner:

  • Einstein AI Expertise: With deep knowledge in Einstein AI, we also understand the unique challenges and regulatory requirements that business organizations face. Benefit from our deep understanding of Einstein AI features and business requirements, ensuring our solutions align with your unique needs.
  • Salesforce Proficiency: Deep experience with Salesforce product offerings: Mirketa has deep experience in various Salesforce products and AppExchange products that complement Einstein AI Cloud.
  • Certified Salesforce Professionals: We are a reputable Salesforce Cloud consulting partner. We employ certified Salesforce professionals with expertise in the Salesforce Einstein AI Cloud and overall CRM platforms. Certification ensures that the team has the necessary skills and knowledge to implement and develop solutions effectively.
  • Impact-Driven Approach: Our focus is on empowering business organizations to drive positive change in the Generative AI ecosystem. We measure success by the impact your organizations create for the customers and other stakeholders.
  • Collaborative Partnership: Experience a True Partnership where your goals become ours, and together, we navigate the complexities of digital transformation.
  • Agile Deployment: Mirketa with Salesforce Einstein AI Cloud can expedite the implementation process through Agile Development process. Our knowledge of development best practices and efficient workflows can save time and ensure a smooth deployment, allowing your institution to start benefiting from the platform sooner. Check out more information on our Agile Development methodology for Salesforce Development.
  • Minimized Disruptions: Mirketa understands the importance of minimizing disruptions during the implementation process. We work to ensure that day-to-day operations continue smoothly, even as the organization undergoes digital transformation.
  • 60 days Warranty for all work: Mirketa stands behind all its work and offers 60 days warranty for all work completed by Mirketa at no additional cost to our clients.
  • Captive team for Ongoing Support: Mirketa focuses on establishing a long-term relationship with its clients. Post-implementation, we provide ongoing support, addressing issues, making enhancements, and assisting with user training. This ensures that your institution continues to derive maximum value from Salesforce Einstein AI.

Choosing the right consulting partner ensures that your organization maximizes the benefits of Salesforce Einstein AI, streamlining operations, enhancing customer engagement, and ultimately enhancing your Generative AI experience.

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