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Elevate your business and captivate your customers in an environment where commerce thrives

At Mirketa, our expertise in Salesforce Commerce Cloud development and consulting services demonstrates our commitment to revolutionising the digital commerce industry. As innovators in leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we work to improve your company’s online presence with state-of-the-art solutions customised to meet your specific needs.

Our area of expertise is Salesforce Commerce Cloud optimisation, which helps you increase operational effectiveness, simplify procedures, and build enduring relationships with your clients. Our staff is committed to providing your business with the necessary tools to succeed in the highly competitive industry. We have a deep awareness of the opportunities and problems that exist in the dynamic field of e-commerce.

Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation services include:

  • Mirketa expertises in increasing customer engagement by offering a uniform and consistent buying experience across several platforms.
  • Order fulfillment and processing are centralized. Mirketa guarantees precise and effective order processing, lowering mistakes and raising client pleasure.
  • Mirketa makes it possible to quickly adjust to changes in the market, guaranteeing a current and relevant product catalogue.
  • Mirketa can help increase customer engagement by offering a uniform and consistent buying experience across several platforms
  • By offering a simple and adaptable checkout procedure, it lowers cart abandonment and raises conversion rates.
  • Prevents overselling, increases order accuracy, and boosts the effectiveness of inventory management as a whole.
  • Mirketa with it’s expertise can make it possible for companies to provide subscription services, guaranteeing steady income and devoted clientele.
  • Mirketa enables data-driven decision-making by offering insights into sales trends, consumer behaviour, and overall shop performance.

Why use Mirketa for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation, Integration and Support?

  • Knowledge of E-Commerce Dynamics: Mirketa is a specialised Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting partner with a thorough awareness of the particular difficulties, objectives, and procedures that the e-commerce industry presents. We are knowledgeable with the particular requirements of companies involved in online retail, such as order processing, customer experience optimisation, and product catalogue management.
  • Experience with Commerce Cloud Solutions: Mirketa has vast experience working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and its associated technologies, making her a seasoned consulting partner. With the help of the Commerce Cloud platform and our expertise, we can customise solutions to meet the e-commerce goals of your company.
  • Salesforce Expertise: Mirketa has extensive knowledge of numerous Salesforce products and AppExchange solutions that enhance Commerce Cloud features. To learn more about our expertise in the larger Salesforce ecosystem, check out our Salesforce Consulting services.
  • Salesforce Professionals with Certification: Certified Salesforce specialists with knowledge of the Commerce Cloud and the entire Salesforce platform work for Mirketa, a reputable Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting partner. Our team’s certification guarantees that they possess the expertise needed to create and implement efficient e-commerce solutions.
  • Access to the Newest Features: Salesforce frequently adds new Commerce Cloud features and updates. By keeping abreast of these modifications, Mirketa makes sure your company takes advantage of the newest features and advancements in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Custom Development Capabilities and Tailored Solutions: E-commerce enterprises frequently have particular needs that necessitate customised solutions. With its ability to create custom software, Mirketa can tailor Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your company’s unique requirements and offer an e-commerce strategy-aligning solution.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Mirketa develops solutions that are both scalable and adaptable, allowing your e-commerce operations to expand and alter as your company does. Our objective is to future-proof your Salesforce Commerce Cloud deployment so that it can change to meet your changing business requirements.
  • Time-saving and Effective deployment: Mirketa’s familiarity with Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows it to leverage an Agile Development approach to speed up the deployment process. Our expertise in developing best practices and effective workflows can help your company start using the platform sooner by ensuring a seamless deployment and saving time.
  • Minimized Disruptions: Mirketa is aware of how critical it is to keep the installation process as disruptive-free as possible. We put a lot of effort into making sure that daily e-commerce operations run well even as the company goes through a digital transition.
  • Post-Implementation Support and Maintenance: Mirketa provides free of charge a 60-day warranty for all finished projects, demonstrating its commitment to quality work. After the deployment phase, we offer continuing assistance to help you get the most out of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We take care of problems, make improvements, and help with user training.

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